Help us test new Max for Live device

Hey all! We’re looking for folks with a Morph and Live Suite to help us beta test a new Max For Live instrument we’ve been working on - “Spectral Shiatsu.

Reply here or email if interested!


I am definitely interested! I have a Morph with the Buchla and Innovators Overlays, and I am a Live 11 Suite user.

Great! Just sent you a private message with the details. Thank you so much for your interest.

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Hit me up, I am definitely interested and have Live 11 Suite as well as all the Morph overlays.

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Thank you so much! Just reached out via email.

Count me in, I’m a software engineer with live 11 suite and most of the overlays.

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New to Sensel but versed in beta testing. Would be glad to help!

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Hi, Happy to help test, I have live 11 suite and most of the overlays.

Hi, I would love to help, I am using 11 Suite and, of course, a Morph!

Dang thought I replied early. Thee ol internet jacking my ye ye. I am definitely game to play with that Beta. I have a 2014 Mac book pro w Live 11. Buchela, production and keys. Tho looking at the vid it seems it’s all about getting ones hands dirty w direct skin to sensor action.

I’m interested, too. Looks great!

Thank you all! We collected a ton of great feedback and are incorporating it into the device now. Stay tuned for its release!

OK, saw this too late I guess

In case anyone missed it, we officially released Spectral Shiatsu yesterday!

We’re of course still open to any and all feedback. Can’t wait to see/hear what you all do with it.

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