Spectral Shiatsu - no Morph detected issue

For some reason when loading the Spectral Shiatsu instrument I can’t get it to detect my Sensel Morph. Are there any settings I need to check in order for it to work?


Came to report the same issue. 11 Suite. Live sees it but the device does not.

I didn’t mention, I am on Live 11 as well (Windows 10). When opening the instrument in Max I receive “Error 126 loading external sensel”, not sure if this is connected or not (first time using Max).
I installed the extension, so I see Sensel in MIDI devices in Live.

Also, just wanted to point out that the instructions mention “Go to File, select Show Package Manager and search for sensel.” There is no such thing in the File menu in Live (may be the instructions are for Live 10 only).

On windows, you need to open Max and install the ‘Sensel’ package in the package manger. See the README in the download.

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I am sorry, I was looking for the package in Live and not in Max. Everything is working perfectly.
My bad.

No problem - glad it works!

I am also having this issue on Mac/Live 11. It was working fine and then just stopped! :weary:

Stopped in the middle of using it? Stopped being able to detect the Morph after several tries?
What happens when you un/plug the Morph?
Are there any errors in the Max window? (right click on the title bar of the device).

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