Morph is unresponsive w/ 'sensel' object in Max

Hello there! I’m having an issue with using the Morph without an overlay in Max. I’m on Max 8.2.1 and the sensel object doesn’t seem to work with my morph anymore. Specifically, once I create the object (or go to the help file for it) the LED near the USB port lights up and stays lit. No data seems to be passing, and weirdly I get the ‘Max unexpectedly crashed’ message without Max actually crashing, so it seems to be object-related.

I tried reinstalling the firmware, and max package, restarting max, restarting my machine, disconnecting/connecting morph at different times. No luck. Also, worth noting that t works fine for sending MIDI with an overlay, and regular Max objects like midiin and midiparse.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Do you have the Sensel App open? Or Max for Live? This kind of sounds like there are two apps trying to open a serial connection on the Morph, which doesn’t work. The most common reason for this is when you try to edit a Max for Live device with the ‘sensel’ object in it. You’ll need to open the device in Max, rather than using the “edit” button in Live.

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