Cant connect to Max 8.2


I installed Max 8 today and had to update to the beta 8.2 in order to download the Sensel package. however, even though i get midi through the midi monitor, i cannot figure out how to get it from the sensel map. none of the example patches from github work but i can see i AM getting data into max. any ideas?

also it only seems to work with bluetooth. macos big sur

The sensel package for Max is for accessing the raw data from the Morph. If you use the sensel or jit.sensel object in a patch, and the patch is open, the Morph will no longer act as a MIDI device.
If you don’t see data from the Morph in the sensel object help file, it could be that you need to reconnect via USB. Once the sensel object(s) are free (no longer in a patch), then the Morph will reconnect as a MIDI device.

Does that all make sense?

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