Max crashes once I connect the Morph

Hi there!

I’m having an issue, where as long as I have a [sensel] or [jit.sensel] object in a patch, Max will crash the instant I connect my Sensel via USB. If I attempt to find the interface with the [hi] object, it doesn’t show up at all; no crashes however. It does not seem to matter whether I have an overlay attached or not.

The Morph works flawlessly with Ableton Live, but apparently not Max.

I’m on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, current Live 11, and newest Max update (8.5.4).

Is this a known issue? Any fixes? It would be a darn shame if I can’t use it with Max, which was the main point of the purchase.

I have the same issues on max .
I don’t remember exactly how I fixed it but I think I installed a previous version of the max objects.

Anyway I think that the best way to go is to use the midi objects and forget about the sensel objects , not really supported anymore for M1 and M2

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Thank you lorbi, that thread was of great help.

For future reference: The Max package manager has a link to view different versions of the sensel package, and lets you easily downgrade or upgrade to whichever. 0.4.1 is the last working version for Intel 64-bit architectures. There’s tons of users having issues with later versions.

ARM support for the Max package is at a halt until Sensel themselves lend a hand to Cycling; however, while not supported, I’ve seen at least one user in this forum making it work seamlessly.

EDIT: I can confirm the [sensel] object on 0.4.1 works for me! Yesss! What a relief.
However, no output from [jit.sensel]. No crashes either.

EDIT 2: jit.sensel woke up! Make sure dim is set to 185 105. It has initialization issues. Planecount should be 1, and it works best on float32 datatype.
There might also be some screwery with other things. I suggest having initialization in mind. If it doesn’t work, try out connecting [midiin] to the Sensel Morph, and see if it changes anything.

I’m grateful for Nordskog’s answer :smiley: