How to subdivide zones on drum pad overlay?

Hi I just got my Morph and was wondering how I can subdivide the zones on my drum pad overlay into more zones to trigger additional sounds? E.g. the snare pad has currently two zones, can I divide it further into four zones (to trigger center, off-center, edge and rim sounds)?

Hey @Pluranium, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to subdivide the drum pad zones beyond the 2 zones per pad (other than the kick, which has one zone).

You could use the Overlay designer + innovator’s overlay or bare morph to create something with way more zones, though.

Just as an example, this video shows how the artist Frederic Robinson created his drum set up on the bare Morph:

Thanks for the quick reply. It would be nice if standard overlays could also be edited with the Overlay Designer not just the innovator ones. Or if subdividing zones would be allowed on standard overlays.

I was able to use XYZ pads and a CC value to trigger multiple sounds on a single pad but that results in messy MIDI data that’s hard to edit, so I’d still prefer just having more zones on the Morph.

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