I have found a really flexible cheap TPU filament

The brand is XYD. The reel has ‘3d printer filament’ cut out of the plastic so it’s quite distinctive on ebay. It is MUCH more flexible than the Priline TPU filament I already had. (at least, the reel of transparent filament I got from ebay is - will try and get some black but it’s currently out of stock). It’s cheap, too, much cheaper than Ninjaflex. And re-printing the two octave piano overlay I made earlier, the result is very thin and flexible and printed on glass the back is perfectly smooth and conforms exactly to the Morph surface. I think this might produce results every bit as good as the silicone overlays. Now I need to find an excuse to buy a CR10 as the 300mm build surface would then let me cover the whole of the Morph surface - my Ender 3 is a little too small to cover the whole surface unfortunately.


Thanks for the report, I’ll be following this…

Sweet! good to know. I also have and Ender3 and was wondering about the size - can you post a pic of what you were able to manage?