iPad Cover for Morph

Has anyone tried using an iPad (9.7") cover on a Morph? Seems like it would fit.

@rgately I know a lot of iPad cases are magnetic, which wouldn’t work with the Morph. It might be worth going to an Apple Store and testing out in person before purchasing.

The magnets didn’t occur to me. Thanks!

Solvituri ambulando: I tried it!

TL;DR — nope, it doesn’t work for actual use, but I suppose it’s OK for protection in transport.

Longer answer: there are various kinds of cases for the iPad (I own three), and they secure to the body in two ways: stiff plastic cases “click” around the corners of the iPad, and flexible silicone cases actually wrap around its edges and frame.

In the former case, the Morph goes in very nicely and the cover will flip closed over it for transport, but it’s awkward to use while it’s inside the case (e.g. you can’t reach the power button). I used a MacAlly case with a built-in magnetic flip cover.

In the latter case, wrapping the case around the Morph shrinks the exposed surface by a critical few millimeters on all sides: the Morph fits, but overlays won’t lay flat any more.

Either way, because the case is aluminum, a magnetic-hinge cover is a no go.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for your detailed feedback it will help me know what to be careful about.

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