Microtonal MIDI for Turkish music

Hey all,

I’m super interested in using the Morph for playing some traditional Turkish guitar music ( something like https://youtu.be/MYK_PF9WTRE ). There, some tones are located between the regular semitones.
Also, I’d love to play some pitch bends that don’t start on an exact note (but rather inbetween).

Is it possible to create a new mapping that has more notes located between the regular keys? Or have a fretless, violin-like continuous mode (where the X axis is just the frequency scale, and the notes don’t get adjusted to the next closest in-tune note)?


this depends on the synthesiser, not on the controller. There are a couple of software synths available today that support microtuning (where the notes already start in-between as you say). MadronaLabs, u-he, just to name one of the best companies.

You may have a look at https://sevish.com/blog/ or xenharmonic websites. There is a lot of good information to be found.

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Thanks for the video, interesting take on the microtonal guitar, and nice playing!
As Phil said, the Sevish blog is a great resource for all microtonal things.
You can read about Scala there, learn the software and create your own scales.
I see that they even added an online scale tool, which looks like a great and simpler way to start creating your scales.
Once you get to a scale you like, it would make sense to come up with a appropriate layout on the morph.
Please share your findings and custom scales :slight_smile:

Huh, interesting, thanks for the links.

So if I wanted, for example, 24 notes per octave (quartertones), and map them so that if I hit between the keys I get the microtone, sounds like I should be able to get that working.

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