More than one layout per overlay

Hello Sensel,

after using the Morph now for quite some time, I find it more and more limiting to have just one layout or setting available per overlay. I turn on the app quite often, just to change a preset for the same overlay to use with another synth etc.

I can understand that you want to sell overlays, but having all of these that are of any use to me, I think this would be the number one improvement right now.

I also have to say, that this limitation was not clear at all when I bout the Morph.

As the Morph has no display, It would then be practical to have a small menu bar item, that shows the name of the layout chosen.


Great idea! Would be nice if the Morph could store several layouts for a given overlay. With one being active at a time and a new area type that allows to change the active layout.
Optimally there could be three types of such areas:

  • select overlay name and layout name
  • select overlay name the next layout changes should apply to
  • select layout name to be applied to the last chosen overlay

Then the switching areas wouldn’t necessarily have to be on each and every layout but we could create a special “layout switching” overlay that can switch the layouts for all other overlays. Either with direct selection keys (overlay+layout) or e.g. two rows overlay 1-16 and two rows layout 1-16 with the state keeping approach (first select the overlay, then the layout).

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I would really love this. I’m thinking about making a midi controller that could be chromatic or in a major or minor scale.

Thanks for the suggestion! As you may have seen we are selling pre orders for our Buchla Overlay

The Buchla Overlay will allow you to program 9 presets and switch between them on the fly. Switching presets will be limited to the Buchla Overlay but we will update the community if that changes.

That’s a pity because that type of interface is not for me. Would love if the switching could be added to the other overlays. Would make the product really versatile.


Thank you for chiming in Alex, great to see that you already had this idea! I would be great if your existing customers could also benefit from this functionality. :sunglasses:


I’ll second the request for having the capability to switch layouts on all overlays. I think it would be a significant feature upgrade.


Checking here re: this feature request. Any possibility that this will be implemented?

I think it would be game changer.

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@Kenny Thanks for checking in. This is still only the case for the Buchla Thunder Overlay, but we’re definitely considering for future releases.

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adding my name to this list here. Being able to have multiple settings per overlay would be ideal, and use the LEDs as indicators for which Overlay “level” or “scene” you’re currently on. I personally use the concept of the Korg nano series’ terminology of “Scenes” in discussion with others in this regard, it’s a great reference example.

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For me its even worse. I have an almost useless innovators overlay. I want at least to be able to use the innovators and the no-overlay with different layouts. If I would have known that I would not have choosen the innovators. At the moment its kind of obsolete…


Also hope this makes to the innovators overlay at least, but for all would be cool. Sometimes the layout is perfect enough for different mappings depending on the DAW, scale, or song project. Same goes for various shortcuts in other production software. I assume it’s a bit of a hurdle to add the functionality but one can hope.

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