MPE in cakewalk by Bandlab using the Morph

Does anyone have experience in using the Morph in Cakewalk by Bandlap? I don’t seem to get MPE signals through, and i was not able to find any supporting documentation or tutorial for it.

Thank you in advance!

I finally managed to get it working with full MPE support for instruments inside cakewalk following the instructions at this link on the Roli site where they explain how to use their Blocks with cakewalk: Cakewalk: Using BLOCKS with Cakewalk : ROLI Support

@Sensel support: any chance you might create a mapping for using the Morph with Cakewalk too, like you did for other DAW’s?

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Very glad to hear you got it working! We don’t have any immediate plans to put this together but it’s good to know that it would be useful. Might be something we have to explore!

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