My 6th tuning LinnStrument Mini

I made an Innovators layout for the way I prefer it:

And this is the Map:
LinnStruMini.senselmap (9.7 KB)
As its spanning 13 pads, the pitch bend is not in tune. We definitely need a way to define that better than with a limited menu…
But it works nicely, at least when playing plugged into a computer. Feels very different than my original LinnStrument. Playing a Seaboard 5D or Volt on an iPad mini produces often stuck notes which only go away if you hit the same pad again. There is something not working properly. I suspect its the Sensel. I don’t have that problem when using other Bluetooth Midi controllers, and its independent of the app running…


Thanks for sharing this awesome layout, and for reporting the issues you’ve encountered here.

We’re aware that some users have experienced Bluetooth MIDI issues and are working on a fix. Thank you for your patience, we’ll keep you posted!

Great job, thanks for sharing!

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