The Sensel misbehaves in Ape Matrix iPad mini

I just got Ape Matrix for iPad and wonder if the Sensel sends other communication than just Midi. It fails miserably in there. It sounds as if the Midi bytes are scrambled, I get very high or very low notes and the sound is destroyed no matter which synth I feed it to. It seems to be a Sensel problem, as playing the same with my LinnStrument does not lead to such problems. Also just watching the Midi messages in the built in Midi monitor does not reveal a difference in terms of Midi. But it doesn work, crashes Continua and I had a complete crash/rebbot as well… Something is confusing Ape Matrix to hell and I would like to know what that could possibly be…
The connection is via cable and camera connection kit (tried two different ones, same result)

Hey TJ, yes the Morph can send many kinds of data (keyboard, gaming, MIDI) which might be interfering with the connection here. This can sometimes be addressed with an update. I’ll see if we can contact the folks there and work with them to fix.

That said, if the overlay is not programmed to send anything other than MIDI, it won’t send it. The computer just knows that there are different virtual USB connections, so there’s no reason ths software would get confused by it.
What overlay are you using for the Morph? Are you using single channel midi or MPE?
Have you contacted the makers of Ape Matrix?

I use my own LinStru Mini layout. That is basically the innovators without the overlay.

(I am still upset as the innovators overlay is useless if I can’t have different layouts for the innovators and the no overlay…)
It should only register as Midi device, but maybe its not…