Omnisphere "the orb" possible?

Is it possible to create an overlay that works like the “orb” of Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere 2 with the overlay designer? It would need angle and radius parameters.

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Hello, thanks for contacting us. It is currently not possible to make the Orb in the Overlay Designer, but it is possible to get this information using our open source API You could also get some of this information from the gamepad joystick, but will be sent as a gamepad events. I will also add the idea to our list of internal suggestions.

How fascinating… I just tried to figure this out on my own, and landed here after two hours. I’m not the first person to think of this (Morph > Innovators > XYZ Pad > Omnisphere > ORB).

Add to this (unrelated but similar): I’m trying to devise a fast method of assigning said XY Pad to always point to parameter X & Y of Ableton Live’s XY Pad that appears for any MIDI-controllable device (effect or instrument). You assign what those parameters that are being controlled after-the-fact. I just wish it was easy to define “In Ableton Live, CC20 controls the X, CC21 controls the Y, and CC22 is an open-assignable Z for aftertouch.” Part of this problem is that Live does not allow Custom MIDI mappings for those fields underneath the XY Pad; you have to go into the deeper parameter menu per plugin to do that (e.g. Click the triangle above the XY Pad > hit Command-M for custom midi mapping > select a parameter [filter cutoff and filter rez are easy targets] > send a CC20, then again send a CC21, etc)

But even that is difficult, because the Morph (and every other XY Pad) sends out multiple parameters constantly, making it impossible to custom assign anything.

The possibility is there for these simple control setups, but the pathway is darn near impossible when you’re trying to be creative. I am going to copy part of my idea/rant here in another string shortly.

Thanks for trying the Orb idea, @p8guitar and @alex, now you know you’re not alone in this idea.

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You’re almost describing the blue hand “automap” functionality, but I think that’s limited to the first 8 parameters of a given device.

You could sort of leverage that, by putting everything into racks and assigning two of your 8 macros to control X and Y, every time. That’s very limiting, though.

So for this, I’d completely reverse the advice I gave in another thread, and suggest using max for live to control X and Y on whatever device is currently selected.

You could maybe get more advanced by adding a button to ignore selection changes and hold the current mapping until pressed again. Or several buttons, representing different devices to swap control between.

That all’s technically doable. But probably not simple.