Overlay delivery to EU/UK

The news of the Morph being discontinued and the recent video made me head to the Sensel site to pick up one of the Art overlays. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that there’s a way to get a delivery to the UK (for me), or as I looked further to get a delivery to any EU country. Is there any way to get a UK delivery or will I have to hang around on eBay hoping for one to turn up?

Shipping outside of the US is way too cumbersome at this point, so the best bet is scour the used markets. Sorry!

It looks like not many of these made it to the used market so I have little chance there. Any chance you could bung one on eBay for me to buy?! I can see this being a really useful overlay to use with VCV Rack but unless you managed to stock any vendors in the UK with it then I’ll never get to find out