Overlay Design: Janko Keyboard

Here a Janko keyboard to play around with. This layout has the same fingerings for all tonalities.
In the first half of the last century some good pianists (Liszt, Rubinstein etc.) thought this would replace the normal piano within years. It didn’t… still cool :slight_smile:

This layout suffers a little from the size of the Morph: It isn’t really optimal to stack several Morphs horizontally, because the rows that are shifted by half a key would either require to repeat some keys between Morphs - thus the finger distances would be wrong. Or some keys would be on the “gap” and thus hard to play with consistent velocity.
As the layout doesn’t make sense on several Morphs anyways I replaced three keys with transpose and sustain for the left hand, so it can better be played with one Morph. (With these the layout is already on the 48 area limit - good timing :slight_smile: )

An advantage is that the keys are naturally narrower for the Janko keyboard, and there are less horizontal keys per octave (6 vs 7). Thus you can put two octaves on a Morph with (almost) original size keys (1.92 cm vs the original 2 cm). So if you have only one Morph anyways this layout might be quite interesting.

Did I mention that a 4-5 times wider Morph would be awesome? :slight_smile:

Janko Transpose Sustain.senselmap (5.2 KB)