Problems with Artpad, Windows 10 - Windows Ink and 2nd display

I recently bought Affinity Designer and wanted to use the Sensel Morph Artpad with it.
As far as I see it only works if I unplug my secondary monitor. Using the Artpad within Affinity Designer on my secondary bigger display leads to an instant crash of the software. I’m working on Windows 10 and during some internet research I came across similarities between my problems and several complaints concerning Windows Ink in a multi-display setup.
Does the Sensel Morph Artpad somehow rely on the Windows Ink system and therefore suffers from its insufficiencies?
In other graphics software it isn’t even recognized as a pressure sensitive input device (Inkscape and Gimp only show me the “Core Pointer” device).
What a pity! That drastically narrows the capabilities of this really great device…


Hello, thank you for contacting us. Yes, we are currently a Windows Ink device so we could avoid using a driver. We have not experienced the same crashing behavior, but we understand the frustration. We are currently exploring having an optional driver and improving the art experience in more applications. Thank you for your patience.

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