Question about x-position quantizing

I’m not sure if I am using the correct terms or if I am asking in the right place, but I am a beta tester for the Waldorf Iridium which is supporting MPE and I’m using a Sensel Morph with piano overlay.

The issue I am having is that my position on the keyboard (left-to-right, X coordinate) is precisely the note that is played. When I use the Morph with VSTs in the computer, the note played is snapped to the nearest key, but when using it with the Iridium, it depends on where on the key I press. Is this snapping functionality something that is built into software or is it something that the Iridium would need to manage? A little confused about where this position quantization is happening.

If you have the morph settings set to pitch rounding “Gravity” (or anything other than “none”) then the pitch bend will be “0” when you make contact with a key. You can confirm this on a computer in a MIDI monitor like from It could be that the Iridium has really sensitive bend response, so small changes in the position are providing very obvious pitch changes?

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