QWERTY keypad - incorrect keystrokes

I’m having a real problem with the d key. It often mixes in an f. Below is all the keys (non space)


You can see the df (sometimes fd), then is some sort of sentence:

FDownwardf fdogs anfd fdeafd dfogs. I fdon’t work very well!

How fdo we get this fixedf?
BTW: I see this on both Android and Win10



Thank you for contacting us and sorry to hear about the error. I would recommend the following:

  1. Ensure there is nothing under the Qwerty Overlay or stuck on the Sensor.
  2. Make sure the overlay is centered on the device.
  3. Restart the Morph by holding the button down for 8 seconds and then pressing the button again to turn it on.

If these do not fix the issue, please contact us at support@sensel.com

-Alex Grau