Sensel app v 0.16.14 not usable on ubuntu since areas are all wrong



I only use ubuntu and the sensel app loads and sends maps correctly, but can’t display or edit them correctly as areas are all wrong, randomly sized and randomly positioned. See for example the screenshots at:

and in particular note the C5 completely off, and the upper buttons row missing.


Thank you for reporting this issue and providing the Ubuntu version. We have not seen this error yet so we will look into this to see if it can be addressed in our next release. Thank you for your patience.


Hi, has the linux version been abandoned? I need to know whether I should keep recommending the morph on linux forums, or not. I did that in good faith so far.


Hello, thanks for reaching out. No, the linux version has not been abandoned we are working on this bug and a few others for 0.19 and we will update our 0.19 post when a linux version is available. I will also try to update this post at that time.