[Solved] Sensel crashes Teensy / USB Host

I was hoping to connect my new Sensel to my hardware only music gear (midi). I’m using a teensy/arduino based unit for Midi effects which has a USB host (teensy 3.6). I’ve been using other USB only gear through it and it worked fine. Connecting the Sensel makes the teensy crash after a couple of seconds.
I expect that the problem is that the Sensel is trying to charge and pulls too much power from the unit.
To prevent this: is there a way to disable charging temporarily while the battery is above a specific value.
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Hello, thank you for reaching out and reporting the issue. We currently do not have a mode that allows you to use USB without charging, but we will be releasing an iOS mode at the end of the month that uses a lot less power (enough to use the unpowered iPad adapter). Hopefully this will be low enough that it prevents this crashing from taking place. We will also see whether it would be possible to implement unpowered USB mode in the future.

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As mentioned in the other thread, the RK005 has the same issue. Was hoping to be able to finally switch all screens and use this nice piece of hardware stand-alone.
When do you think the update will be available?

Good news, it is available today. Just download the new SenselApp from sensel.com/start and update your firmware. Then go into Morph-XXXX, check Slow Charge, and then click “Send Settings to Morph”. Then you should be able to use this low power mode.

Great! Some good news, I can use it with the Teensy now. The Sensel has to be switched on being connected though, otherwise it’ll still crash the Teensy.
This is usable though! Haven’t tried the RK005 yet.

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