[Solved] Trouble installing Windows Driver


I just received my Morph. I followed all of the instructions for installing the driver for Windows 8.1
Note: the link for the Windows .inf driver in the Quick Start Guide is broken. I was able to find the .inf file on the Downloads page.

System: ASUS Zenbook UX51VZA / Wiondows 8.1

Before I tried to install the driver:

  • I disabled Secure Boot in the BIOS
  • Additionally, I tried to install the driver with Windows Test mode enabled via the command line and also without it enabled.

I followed all of the steps outlined in the Quick Start doc. When I get to the end there’s an error message:

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it:
Sensel Morph
The third party INF does not contain digital signature information.

I checked and the BIOS still indicates that Secure Boot is disabled.

When I run the Sensel App, there is no response from the Visualizer at all. However the device itself shows that it is responding to touch inputs (the white light).

Any suggestions?

Hello Kenny,

We have been in contact via the support email but I wanted to let the community know that the Windows 7/8 driver at sensel.com/start has been signed and updated. It should work with Windows 8.1. Thank you for reporting the issue.

Hi Alex,

I want to thank you here on the forum for your quick response and the the excellent work you did making the updated signed driver available. It installed perfectly and I was able to get my new Morph up and running right away. It’s very reassuring to know that Sensel’s support is as good as it gets!