Windows 10 Device Driver Not Being Recognized?

Am I supposed to see the Morph as specific device in Windows 10 Device Drivers? It’s showing up an HID Compliant Mouse. For some reason, I have 4 of them installed and they’re all listed as Wacom devices. I have do have an Intuos4 tablet with a mouse. When I unplug the Morph, two of of them go away. Device Driver shows that they are using default Windows or Wacom drivers. It doesn’t appear that Windows knows what Morph is or that it’s got it’s own driver (which I just installed).

Thank you for contacting us. The Sensel Morph uses current standard Windows USB/HID protocols so that no driver is required when plugging in the device. The Sensel Morph shows up as several devices because it can act as a trackpad, a digitizer, a MIDI device, a Windows 10 PTP trackpad, a keyboard and other devices all at once.