URGENT: Q about Arduino API


I am trying to port the LED codes from the Sensel API over to my copy of the Sensel Arduino API, but I
don’t understand the senselWriteReg function in file sensel.ino .
Lines 80 and 81 write the same byte twice. And there seems to be no
code to write 16-bit values to two-byte registers. Why is that?

I need to be able to write registers to implement the LED functions through the Arduino API, but I need to know if the write-register function is correct.


Answered here: Controlling LEDs from Arduino API


newbie with Sensel, but not with Arduino !
I started working on the Morph + Arduino Mega and Ethernet shield to have the Morph sending OSC.
this part is working just fine, but I am totally lost with the LED thing !
Is there a new arduino API with the variable size write register included yet ?
thank you