Very different workspace for this device

Brand new to the Sensel. My user name explains what I am going to ask in a way - K is my full name for this venture and RTW stands for Round The World…in 2022 I’ll be leaving for a 7 year around the world motorcycle adventure - on the bike I am designing and building a recording studio. I want to write all original music for the vids I’ll be producing, plus I am actually working on turning my motorcycle into a musical instrument by having throttle, brake levers, etc…become midi controllers. Then I find the Sensel…with options for drum pads, MPC controller, keyboard, video editing…its like one stop shopping for all my inputs…and a very cool device.

My questions: Is there a compatibility list of software? I will be using FL Studio as my DAW due to its great midi implementation. I will be using Davinci Resolve as my video editor.

The biggest question is, imagine this thing on a motorcycle, where in one day I can go up to 4000 meters on a mountain where its snowing, down the other side back into a desert with +45 degree temperatures…I know the Sensel is not designed for this kind of use - but just how delicate is it? There are numerous ways I can imagine protecting this against vibration, water, dirt, etc…but extreme temperature changes - I don’t know.

Any input, ideas or feedback most appreciated…I will not invest unless I have some idea if this is at all practical…thank you.

I would admit to being disappointed that there has been no response. The community is as important as the device…This rules out a purchase at this time…I need input on how robust this is…without it, not willing to risk and $$.

Best of luck.

Without support for this product we will go away!