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In light of the on-going crisis, we’ve been thinking of things we can offer the Morph community. While a $19 discount or Sensel-branded toilet paper might provide some humor, it’s a bit cheap. As social distancing remains paramount, the most important thing we could all use is a little distraction and human connection.

With this in mind, we’d like to launch a series of live-streams, led by @peter_sensel. These can cover a wide range of topics, including using the Morph with Aalto, Bitwig, Ableton Live, Eurorack, and so much more.

Before we launch, we’d love to hear from you. What would be most useful? Or most entertaining? If you have thoughts, please leave a comment. More than ever before, we’d love to hear from you and come together as a community.

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Bob Ross homage with a sensel and a brush

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We’re live! Tune in for tips getting started with Bitwig 8-Track and Arturia Analog Lab Lite.: https://youtu.be/x1Gfj5iT_z8

I would like to see how to have different layouts for no overlay and the innovators overlay.
I almost lost confidence that there will be any advancement of long awaited bug fixing and enhancements.
I would rather know you either use the time to fix whats broken (bluetooth connection for example, very essential!) or enhance small things like allow different settings for no overlay and innovators, or allow a 13 note row division for MPE slides…
If you still don’t have resources for that, please open source at least the unity code so we can fix it our self…

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There’s reason for some optimism that Sensel will soon have more resources to support the Morph. If you didn’t see it in the news, see https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/03/sensel-raises-a-28m-series-a-to-bring-pressure-sensing-tech-to-more-mobile-devices/ They’re getting the money to support new things, of course, but given how successful (albeit in a small niche) the Morph is, I certainly hope they’ll allocate at least a little to the Morph. Given that Roli got a similar amount of funding over the last few years for an inferior (IMO, though very well packaged) technology, I think the people who invested in Roli should have invested in Sensel. :slight_smile:



Thanks Tim. Yes, we actually actively recruiting for support here! https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=80e74a721fe86c20&tk=1e44109m5q3u9803

I’m very much with @Tj-Shredder here. It’s really very sad to see that there is no further development of the Morph software. Some of the (very good!!!) ideas on this forum are 2 years old and literally nothing has been implemented.
I guess it’s safe to say, that the focus of the company has moved elsewhere and that there is no interest to further support this once promising product. So instead of establishing the Morph as a serious instrument and tool for creatives, it will stay a one trick pony. :unamused:

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