12x6 Linnstrument/MPE Grid

Awesome experimentation!

I was able to make a 12x6 overlay with a Cricut machine. The first try turned out a bit messy, but I am confident I can perfect it with another go. More info in the Making Overlays with Cricut topic.


Are you sure about this cc71 issue on Surge? I’ve been involved with Surge Synth for over a year now, mostly contributing on the Linux side of things. I ran this by the team on our Slack channel and the response was that MPE uses cc 74.

Apparently there is no setting for Timbre MIDI CC, it’s just 74.

Could it be that you are confusing things with the 8 macros?

Could you open a ticket on GitHub?

Thanks!!! Does anyone have the template in the form that is needed to upload to PONOKO ?

I would like to know as well?

It is true, I’ve just tested it, as Timbre was not working for me. After I set it to cc71, it works. Here’s from the Surge manual:

Timbre is a modulator used primarily for MPE controllers. It takes the midi CC#71 (timbre) and applies it as a voice-level as opposed to scene-level modulation source. This allows the MPE convention of one-note-per-channel to take an otherwise scene-level midi parameter (CC#71) and turn it into a voice-level modulator.

Would be nice if they followed the convention of using cc 74. Thanks

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