2 questions from a newbie

hi all, very much looking forward to playing with my new Morph. i have 2 questions right off the bat, though.

  1. what does “Set Save State” mean, and what does it do? please pretend you’re talking to a non-programmer :wink:

  2. in the Guide i read: “The SenselApp has a built-in MIDI piano…Use the top right menu to “Mute/Unmute” the piano if you wish to turn the sound on or off.”

i can’t find this built-in piano, nor the Mute/Unmute menu item. i have updated to the latest firmware, and i have just downloaded the SenselApp, so i assume it’s the latest version.



Set save state means you can “bookmark” the settings of the overlay so when you use “revert to saved” it will revert to that state. It’s like a big undo. (I guess that’s what the guide should say, huh?)
The built in piano proved annoying and intrusive. We got rid of it, but failed to update the docs.
Thanks for the heads up - I have some other documentation to update, so I’ll fix those while I’m in there.

thank you. so “Set Save State” is what applications normally simply call “Save” then?

yes, i suppose. The app saves every change as you make them to the overlay map file on your computer (sort of like google docs if you use that), so it’s nice to be able to mark a point in time that you might want to easily revert to.

great, thank you! i am enjoying my first forays into this device.