Absolute beginner needs help

Hi…just got the morph with buchla overlay. I have been transitioning away from using a laptop live, and want to use it for IOS. I have my ios synths working (Quanta, animoog, a few Bram Bos). I followed the instructions as best I could this morning, but I cannot get the morph to talk to my ipad. I got it to see the ipad in BT mode in the “settings” for ipad BT, but it doesn’t show up in the animoog pairing.

I normally use a focusrite dock. at first I tried plugging the morph into the usb port, but nothing. I tried using the camera kit, ditto. I even tried it in ableton (on win7) nothing. I cant figure this out and I am prolly doing some nube mistake…at least I hope so. If I can’t get it to work in the itrack dock, I think it’s going back.

i installed the win 7 driver too, but i didnt get it to use with the windows pc.