Assertion error in malloc, Python 2.7

Hi all,

I am trying run example_2_sensel_contacts in python and I am getting the following error:
python: malloc.c:4030: _int_malloc: Assertion `(unsigned long) (size) >= (unsigned long) (nb)’ failed.
after the device has been connected to.

example_1_hello_sensel works fine.

example_3_sensel_forces runs, however, always outputs the same force: 2.13e+35. This is extremely high. This seems that the sensel always has full pressure on it?

It is worth noticing that in the past I had no issues running example 2. I have not updated anything since then, indicating this would be a hardware problem; however, I am not sure how it could have been caused. I am running python 2.7 on Ubuntu 17.10

Does anybody have a similar issue and/or a solution to this problem?

  • Thomas

edit: I have tried it with the visualizer on a mac, there it works fine. So it is definitely not an hardware problem.