Bitwig Multiple Track Selection Bug with Sensel Morph

I’m getting a weird issue in Bitwig that i’ve tracked down to Sensel Morph (or the Morph script inside of Bitwig) where I cannot select multiple tracks in bitwig with ctrl+click. If I try to select more than 1 track it will just automaticaly deselect the previous if only one can be selected at a time.

I’ve isolated that Sensel Morph is the issue since when I go into to settings>controllers and deactivate the sensel morph, the issue is resolved and it lets me select multiple tracks by holding control and clicking on multiple tracks (or clips).

I’m not sure what in the script is causing this issue but I was hoping it is something that can be addressed with an update. I am on Windows 10 and Bitwig 3.3 Beta 5, but I can reproduce this issue in previous versions of Bitwig so its not an issue that is exclusive to the beta.

In case it helps anybody, I figured out a workaround. I tried a fix that the Sensel team suggested I try for a different issue I was having in Bitwig where instead of using the default Sensel Morph script, I added a MIDI controller in my settings for the Roger Linn>Linnstrument and choose the Sensel Morph. Then I just disabled the default sensel Morph script.

With that setup, I can select Multiple tracks and multiple clips again in Bitwig. So the Sensel Morph default script is doing something that is deselecting anytime you try to select more than one track or clip in Bitwig.

For my use case, i’ll just use the Roger Linn>linnstrument script since the Morph works with that script and I don’t get that track selection issue.