Bluetooth Progress: 27%

I can not update my Firmware with App 0.10.9. The Current Firmware is 0.7.79.
The update work only to 27% (Bluetooth), then nothing happens.
I tried this on different computers (Windows 10, MAC OS X).

Thank you for reaching out. After reviewing, we have decided to pull the BLE update while we look into the problem and release it at a later date. Please download the new version of the SenselApp from (currently 0.10.10) and it will allow you to update to the latest firmware. Thank you for your patience.

Update is installed. In the new app, i miss the option “without overlay”?
Wanted to use this as a touchpad for win10.
When will it overlay again in you shop?

Thank you for the support!

Hello, the “No Overlay” option should be available in version 10.10. Perhaps there was an issue with the version downloaded. I have just re-uploaded the installer to, refreshed our site cache, and tested to confirm the new version.

Could you try:

  1. Uninstalling SenselApp using the Add/Remove Programs
  2. Go to and download a fresh copy of the installer (you can also directly download from
  3. Install this version

Please let me know if you continue to have issues. Thank you for your patience.

Hello Alex,

“No Overlay” option is visible :slight_smile:

Thank you!