Bluetooth win10 problems

I can get it to connect, but I get no MIDI device at all.

When I run midiberry I’m getting a response in the monitor, but that’s pretty useless if I can’t get any app to recognise it as a midi device.

It shows up the in the mouse, keyboard & pen bit in the bluetooth device settings.

Any ideas?

In fact it’s not connecting via usb either. Can’t get the SenselApp to recognise it. This is a mess.

If you have a look at this KVR thread it explains the process (2nd post). I got it working in Bitwig following this. Hopefully the method works for whatever DAW you are using.

My midi does not get connected either. Once it gets connected and then the next hour it does not. I do not know why it happens. I have written abut this in many forums but I did not get any help from any one. I have searched this problem up and it took me here and now I am glad that many other people are looking for the same solution. They put out adds that are so convincing but after purchasing I am now regretting. What should I do now?.

Hi Mariah,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing these issues. This certainly should not be the case.

If you’re using a PC, in addition to downloading Microsoft MIDIBerry. According to this helpful article, you may also need loop midi to set up a virtual MIDI port.

If you’ve already taken these steps, we’d recommend closing all other MIDI programs (like Bitwig and Ableton Live) and then reopening the SenselApp. Then, follow these steps to resend your map again.

By the way, I hope it does not come to this since your issues sound solvable, but if you bought the Morph from our store and are unsatisfied we do have a return policy. Just email if you want to go in that direction.

Cant’ get it to work with midi over bluetooth. Given up on that one entirely now. I did download midiberry, but it’s completely unusable through that. And frankly, using TWO extra bits of software to get one working badly is not a fair solution. I’m not the best player by any stretch and even I can’t deal with that kind of latency.

Thankfully I managed to reset the device so I can connect thru USB. So I’ve resigned to the fact that this is a plugged-in-only device on Win10. In that sense, it works fine.

Very disappointing but maybe not a complete deal-breaker.