[Solved]: Analog Lab not recognizing Sensel on Bluetooth?

I just got my Sensel and it seems to work great via USB with Analog Lab. The MIDI device is recognized in “Audio MIDI Settings” as “Sensel Morph”.

However, switching to bluetooth it pairs/connects as “Sensel-7106” and Analog Lab does not recognize any MIDI devices.

The Sensel seems to communicate w/ my computer as I assigned keyboard macros as a test and was able to get characters to input to a text file.

Am I missing something? I am using Windows 10 Pro on a Surface Book 2.

Help is appreciated! Thanks!

FYI, checking device manager in Windows 10 the device (Morph-7106) is being recognized as a bluetooth device. Not sure if there needs to be additional software or an API that allows it to be recognized as a MIDI device for Analog Lab to see it?

I’m guessing it is ok with USB? Did you follow these instructions? http://guide.sensel.com/morph/#windows_2
Bluetooth MIDI on Windows can be a bit of a problem.

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Thanks, these instructions helped a lot. It is a shame it seems Windows 10 doesn’t seem to have the right hooks natively and requires have these two applications, but it seems to register now with Bitwig and Analog Lab following the instructions you provided.

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