Buchla style overlay

just an idea of something that i would work upon myself, for an overlay design. purely cosmetic, and based upon a flat keyboard layout. the idea comes from a few things rolled into one, the roli seaboard and mpe, the buchla lem 218 touch keyboard, and a straight black surface with segregation defined by lines, not actual raised keys.

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Personally, I’d like to see a Buchla Thunder overlay:

Hey, you’re doing it! Awesome!

Super nerd comment: I think the thunder touch areas were numbered, not lettered like the 222e in the picture above.

We are! Thanks! They were numbered on the original, but, after talking with Buchla, we all decided to make the top row numbered and the feathers lettered. It also indicates a difference between the two types of buttons because when you hold down the head (top center button) you can switch between 9 loaded presets.

Sounds like a sensible evolution. I’ll pre-order one as soon as the overlay, alone, hits the store.