Can't map C0 (C-2) midi note in sensel app

I can’t seem to be able to map to midi note c-2, as it’s not showing up in the list. The lowest note I can choose is C#-2 (see screenshot). I’m on Windows 10, using v0.19.32 Sensel app

Put C-1 and transpose everything one octave low?

Can I do that with one button?

The Spitfire symphonic libraries use those low note values for switching articulations. I wanted to use the Morph as a control surface to do among other things, switch articulations.

Seems like a bug, could be an easy fix? Unless I’m missing something.

I second that request : MIDI note 0 (C-2) is missing in all notes menus in SenselApp, so currently we can use “only” 127 notes…
Please add it to the list :slight_smile:

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