Keyswitches - missed it by that much!

Keyswitches are the bane of many musician / composers lives. They are absolutely essential for playing most orchestral sample libraries, yet they are mostly very awkward to use. Then along comes the Sensel Morph and the possibility that musical keyswitches could all be fixed. So I set it all up and it works like a charm except for one detail: all of Spitfire Audio keyswitches start at C-1 but the lowest that you can set a note in the Morph is C#-1. Dear sensel can we have that extra semitone in the app? Pretty please?


oo yes please that’d be great! i work with the lower midi notes a lot for tuning stuff and missing the note 0 makes it all a bit confusing, i have to shift everything up 1, same with it missing cc 0

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Another request for C-1 (C-2 in the SenselApp) - This might fully replace my current setup if we can get that straightened out.

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Thanks Anton, I really wonder whether Sensel actually reads this?

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It looks like they do. They responded to me directly on Instagram, but also in another post here on the forums: Can't map C0 (C-2) midi note in sensel app - It looks like they should be adding this change in the next 1-2 firmware updates (according to the direct communication)


Sweet. This should be fixed sometime before 2030 then.

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