SonicLab Fundamental and MPE keyboard layout

I put this question to the developer of Fundamental, and he suggested I post it here, especially since a collaboration between SonicLab and Sensel is upcoming:

How do you change the MPE range so an octave plays correctly on the Morph? I am using the Sensel Morph but the basic scales do not match the octave spread/bend of the Morph (even after adjusting the pitch bend range on Fundamental).

His response:

Certain MIDI keys are hardwired to Fundamental Voices. See them on Page19 of the manual. If you want to assign midi frequencies to each voice, just hover your mouse on a Coarse freq tuner dial of a voice and press the relevant midi key.

Sorry, I don’t have yet the Sensel Controller, but you can forward the question to Sensel directly as they have Fundamental and soon we will announce a collaboration.

Best wishes

Any ideas/fixes?


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