Copy & paste map settings from one preset to another


I’m creating different maps for the Buchla Thunder overlay. I’d like to find a way to copy one of the nine presets and paste it to another one, because there will only be a few changes (1). Is it possible?



(1) Talking about this, a quick feedback: pogramming an overlay map is quite long and involves a lot of repetitive mousing. It would be great to have a quicker programmation process, like maybe a plain table where we could enter the values corresponding to the different areas!

Yes, you can CMD-click (mac) or CTL-click (win) on the controls to select many of them. You can then use the inspector to set the type and properties of the controls all at once.
Regular copy and paste key commands work.
You can select all with CMD/CTL-A and copy, then select a new preset at the top, and paste.
Another strategy I use is to select all, then CMD-click to deselect some of the items that I may not want to copy/paste or change in unison.

This video (starting in the middle) shows some of these strategies in action in the innovator’s overlay:

Great tips, thanks Peter! It’s way faster this way indeed.

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