Feature request: clicky buttons setting

Some overlays, for example the Media Editing overlay, have an audible feedback, which works really well. I would be really nice to have this available in the SenselApp as a setting, so it can also be used for custom layouts. It could be an extra checkbox aside the LED checkbox.

Also in the API I couldn’t find this feature, it would be nice to be able to trigger a click sound via the API. There is a separate press and release sound if I hear it well. Maybe in the future there could be even different sounds like a bit more muffled button press, more like a keyboard.


One interesting and even useful bug there seems to be is that the clicks of keyboard keys keep the state of the previous overlay.

So if you have a custom overlay design and you want to test it with clicks you first put the Media overlay so clicks are enabled, and then the Innovator’s overlay. If you want to test without clicks first put the keyboard overlay.
This bug works only for keyboard keys, but it would of course be nice to have clicks also as an option for MIDI CC and all other types of buttons.

Hey, good catch on the bug. We will keep it in there until we add a click option. And yes, we plan to add clicking as an option to each area.

Has there been any progress in API access to the Morph’s audible “click” generator?

You can trigger the click via the API by writing 1 into register 0x66 using http://guide.sensel.com/sensel_h/index.html#//apple_ref/c/func/senselWriteReg

Separately, the click checkbox has not been added to the SenselApp but we still have the feature on our internal list of potential features.

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