How can I send a bank-select?

Hi everybody,

I can´seem to figure out a way to send a bank-select message (MSB, LSB).
I can assign CC0 and CC32 to sliders, but as they operate indenpendently of each other, nothing happens. Normal Prg-Changes work fine.

Any hints?

Unfortunately, this not possible, because the Morph doesn’t have a CC0 assignment in the MIDI XYZ type, which is the type that is capable of sending 14 bit CCs… Noted for the next firmware update!

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i can’t get CC0 to send as a midi slider. i can select it, but nothing is sent out (CC32 does send correctly). is this a known bug? i’m on the most recent firmware version.

has this been resolved? i really would love to change banks on my hydrasynth

Could you write if you have solved your problem?

This has not been resolved. Currently, the Morph is in a limbo of supply chain issues, so the focus right now is resolving the ability to build the hardware.

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