Is it possible to use one piano overlay for MPE and other without MPE

If I buy 2x Piano Overlays could I program one to use MPE and other not. And by switching overlays I could switch MPE on/off?

Does overlays have unique IDs? That means could similar overlays have separate/different programmings which are recognized by switching overlays.

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Hey there frinet,
As far as I know identical overlays do not have unique IDs to them. You’d normally need to reprogram the Morph each time to change the functionality.

or if you can program the desired configuration into the “No Overlay” mode, then it might be possible to have one of your two overlays look like “No Overlay” to the Morph. That way one Piano overlay would be the normal functionality, and the other would trigger the “No Overlay” custom configuration.

This is just speculation since I haven’t worked that much with customizing overlays.

One way you might be able to confirm if duplicate overlays have the same ID or not would be to compare the location and polarity of the four ID magnets. You could use a separate magnet to feel whether each ID magnet attracts or repels the handheld magnet, as well as their locations. Or you might be able to lay one overlay on top of the other and see which magnets attract and which ones repel each other. The magnets that are oriented with N-S going into the Morph’s surface will attract each other if they’re the same. While the N-S magnets that lay along the surface of the Morph will repel each other if they have the same orientation and location.

This looks like a deliberate limitation of the Morph. Obviously it can be done as the Buchla overly shows. I had a feature request for this before:

I just wanted to confirm that yes the arrangement of the magnets is identical in all Overlays of the same type. You can have one map on the Morph per Overlay.