Morph Bluetooth invisible to iPod Touch 5G on iOS 11.3.1

I have an iPod Touch 6th Generation (Model A1574) running 11.3.1. The Morph’s Bluetooth doesn’t show up at all, either in Settings or in any app’s Bluetooth MIDI controls. It works fine for my iPad 6 Gen running the same OS.

The usb connection works fine.

I realize this may be an incompatibility of Apple’s, but perhaps you know something about it. I do actually want to use it with the Morph via Bluetooth

Hello, thank you for contacting us. I have not specifically tried the Morph on an iPod Touch 6th Generation, but it appears that the device should support Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy). Perhaps another device is grabbing the Morph before it can be available to the iPod? Make sure to remove the device or disable bluetooth on previously paired devices, turn on the Morph until the light turns blue and then press the Morph button twice to enter pairing mode (all the LEDs should flash) and the light should start breathing blue when in pairing mode (transition between bright blue and dimmer blue). If the light remains bright blue then it is paired with another device. We are attempting to streamline this process moving forward.

Do one thing. Turn of the device and and take some time before turning it on again and if you have ever paired this device before then press forget device or try to pair again. If your device cannot find morph then try using another device, I guess your I pod has some problem. Try using your phone and connect with it. If your phone finds your Morph then you know your answer. Let us know what dud you find.