Mouse click control?

Is there a way to set a control to send a left mouse click (and nothing else)?

My use case is entering MIDI notes in the Cubase piano roll editor. I want to be able to enter notes like I do with with a mouse but instead use the Morph. I am finding that using the trackpad control doesn’t quite work for me because when I apply enough pressure to register a click on the overlay, I invariably move the mouse pointer while doing so - and end up creating a note somewhere other than where I intended. I have tried sending the key (223) with a control and that is not working. What I envision for my custom overlay is using a trackpad to position the mouse pointer and then another control for registering the click.

For the record, I’ve abandoned this approach in favor of using an external USB trackpad as an alternative to using a regular mouse. This is not a knock against the Morph at all, and in fact the Morph has exceeded my expectations is many other ways.