No connection in ableton

I just upgraded from ableton live lite to the Intro version. Everything was working fine in the lite version but when I upgraded I am no longer getting the sensel morph as an option for midi controller. I have unistalled and reinstalled both Ableton and The Sensel Script but have had no luck. Could someone tell me whats going on?

I’m guessing you have both Lite and Intro installed in your Applications folder. Is this Mac or Windows? If you don’t want to uninstall Lite and run the Sensel script installer again, you can manually install the script files into Intro.
First, download the zip of all the script stuff from our github site. Unzip it, and go into the Ableton folder and find the Sensel_Morph folder.
Then, copy or move that Sensel_Morph folder to:

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live Intro\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts
  • Mac: Applications/Live Intro/Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts
    On Mac, you’ll need to right-click the Live icon and select “Show Package Contents” to get to that folder:

Restart Ableton Intro and enjoy.