Pair-less BLE MIDI mode

I find it inconvenient that I have to pair the Sensel with each device before I can use it as a BLE MIDI controller. BLE MIDI instruments and controllers (e.g., Jamstik+ or Yamaha MD-BT01) do not need to be paired. They just need to be connected. Pairing is also a pain to undo, and can be a security concern (as more trust is required because of the additional capabilities that are exposed).

I think I understand why the Sensel Morph pairs – it is because some overlays operate as HID (requires pairing) while others operate only as BLE MIDI, while others are a combination of the two.

However, I wanted to suggest that you provide a BLE MIDI ONLY mode that would allow the Morph to be connected as a BLE MIDI controller without requiring pairing. I suspect this capability may be even more useful with the advent of BLE 5.0.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are working on improving Bluetooth support/pairing at this time and will consider a BLE MIDI mode.

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