Processing for Eclipse idiosyncrasies & solutions

There are a couple adjustments that must be made for users who are using Processing with Eclipse-- or straight up Java, probably, for that matter. Documenting them here so other users running into these issues will quickly find solutions-- it’s taken me half a day of growling at my computer to overcome.

  1. Download the latest version of java-simple-serial-connector(Which is the base library used for Processing’s serial library), replace jssc.jar in the lib folder, and the error will be gone, and my application runs smoothly.

  2. within the _readContactFrameSize function, make the following change:

         //making change because it hiccups in Processing with Eclipse
         //int ack;
         //while((ack = == -1);
         int ack = -1; //assume no bytes will be returned
             ack =;

I’m not certain why it gets caught in that while statement the way it’s written, but it does. This manner of rewriting this ‘while’ statement MIGHT need to be used for other ‘while’ statements in this function should any stalling be observed in the future.

  1. Setting the LEDBrightness seems to also cause issues with getting hung up. I haven’t tested this at the moment of publishing-- but I suspect it’s the while statement within the senselWriteReg function. It’s the same ‘ack’ integer— so changing that the same as in #2 should fix it, if I’m correct.

I’ll post other issues for Processing for Eclipse within this topic and ask others do the same.