Reaktor and MPE

I just got my Sensel Morph and I’m enjoying it. One thing that has me puzzled: when I set the Morph to use the Piano MPE overlay I get no sound or activity from Reaktor 6, even though the MIDI light in Reaktor does blink when pressing notes. What is up with that?

Strangely, Reaktor 5 works fine. What is the difference?

I’m guessing that reaktor 6 is setup to listen to channel 1, but 5 is listening to all channels. MPE sends on channels 2-15, so if the default is 1, you won’t hear anything, but there will be activity.

Are there any example Reaktor ensembles that work with MPE from the Sensel Morph? So that each key input has unique x and y cc values coming in fine.

I’ve got a basic instrument that uses Reaktor’s Grain Cloud module and it works with the pitch, gate and poly aftertouch input but not any x or y control cc values. I know Morph itself is working fine as I’ve got a Max patch open as well and the cc values are coming in fine there but in Reaktor the cc value is always just from the last key that was pressed (similar to regular midi cc input)

Yes, there are MPE ensembles. Just search for MPE in the Reaktor User Library.