Screen overlay idea

i don’t know what the technical jargon would be for this idea, and how the topic will be taken, but here goes. is it possible to make an overlay, similar to a touchscreen monitor. basically an overlay that would act as an extended monitor for pc, but with touch surface capabilities through pressure sensitivity. an overlay, that would be an extension of the computer it was attached to.

one of my own ideas, that ive been trying to find if viable through other company’s and technology, an extension of the pc monitor, with touch screen technology, touch film for instance. and to use as an extension from the prime monitor. is this possible.?

a little more about what im talking about… the whole idea is based on my use with max 7 from cycling '74. i can make great application for interaction with midi implementation, the gui is great, looks cool, and away we go, it interacts and im controlling from the max environment. my idea is an extension from this principle of max controlling other connected devices. to further this idea, i would use touchscreen technology, a sheet of glass or plastic, with a touch film attached to it. i would then drag my max application to my touchscreen surface, (ie : extended monitor) and use the max app, through touch control.

is it a viable concept, that the sensel morph, could be used in a similar principle. but where touchfilm would be the control, the morph would take the helm, and a duplicate of the pc screen, would be represented as an overlay, made from some form of materials, to designate a visual interaction. i hope im making sense, and my idea written here, is not too far fetched.:grin:

cheers, rob.

You can purchase an external flatscreen monitor that delivers multitouch info over usb. To give the programmability of the Morph would take a bit of hacking. But, hey, nothing hard was ever easy.