Sending 14 bit cc to expert sleepers FH-2


I am using an Expert Sleepers FH-2 interface to send convert midi to CV. Is there a way to send 14-bit CC to the FH-2?

The interface supports that feature but I just get 7 bits values from the pressure and the CC controls which is not enough resolution to control the volume. With 7bits it produces clicks. The only work around is to use a slew limiter but I loose the fast control over the attacks.

Any suggestion?

Thanks, Pablo

Hi Pablo, FH2 has smoothing, so you don’t need an external slew limiter. As far as I know the Sensel App does not support 14bit CC yet. It’s an easy thing to implement though, it would just split the sensor value over two successive cc numbers, hope they do it soon (wink Sensel!)
Here´s my video using Morph and FH2 together:

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